Lightbox Animation Studio is an animation studio and production company founded in 2008 by Enrique Gato and Nicolas Matji, who had previously won 2 Goya Awards (Spanish Film Academy Awards) with our short films ‘Tadeo Jones’ (Goya 2006) and ‘Tadeo Jones, and the Basement of Doom’ (Goya 2008).

From the outset, Lightbox’s main objective has been to create media content capable of generating international brands and franchises with a life beyond the screen.

In 2013, our first feature film ‘Tad, the lost explorer’ won 3 Goya Awards. This was an important milestone for our company, as we won not only Best Animated Movie, but also Best Young Director and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Locally, ‘Tad the Lost Explorer’ became the highest grossing Spanish animated movie in history, as well as the highest grossing animated movie in 2012 in Spain. Tad was screened in over 26 countries and made over 60 Million USD in the international Box Office. ‘Tad’ became a household name in the Spanish market, becoming the first Spanish animated movie with its own TV series, ‘Discover with Tad’, which aired in September 2013.

In 2015, we released our second feature film, ‘Capture the Flag’. Earning over 12 million USD in the Spanish box office, ‘Capture the Flag was released by Paramount Pictures internationally in over 30 territories. We won the Goya Award for Best Animated film in 2016.

In 2017, Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas was released, beating the number of spectators of the first part and establishing a new record as the highest audience ever for a spanish animated movie.

The Crew

We’re so proud to have worked with some of the most talented artist in our studio. During the years these guys helped to create one of the most efficient workflows in the industry to get the highest quality out of the budget.